Acer: Tablets Won't Cannibalize Notebook Sales

Paul Lilly

Apple's iPad doesn't do Flash, we all know that. It also doesn't sport a webcam, USB port, or microSD card slot., to name just a few of its shortcomings. But where the iPad leaves off, several other tablet makers will pick up the slack, presumably starting this holiday shopping season. There's literally some 50 tablet PCs on tap for late 2010 and throughout 2011, and even if just one or two of them get the entire experience right, what will that mean for notebook/netbook sales?

Not much, according to Acer founder Stan Shih. At a forum hosted by the Taiwan government, Shih went on the record saying that tablets aren't going to replace conventional notebooks simple because slates fill a specific niche.

Shih pointed out that analysts voiced similar concerns when netbooks arrived, but rather than replace notebooks, netbooks ended up creating a new market segment alongside them. With the overall notebook market still seeing steady growth, Shih expects the upwards trend to continue even as more tablets begin to flood the market.

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