Acer Stands Behind HP's Decision to Keep PC Business, But Why?

Paul Lilly

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, and so does competition in PC platforms, This helps explain why Acer chairman JT Wang is in full support of Hewlett Packard keeping its PC business rather than spinning it off or selling it to a third party. Wondering what that has to do with Acer? It's simple, really -- HP is the world's largest PC manufacturer, and both have a common enemy in Apple.

According to DigiTimes , Wang views HP's decision to stay in the PC business as a critical factor in expanding the market share of Windows, which is somethng that also benefits Acer. While Acer and HP aren't exactly bedfellows, both have a vested interest in seeing Windows outperform Apple's iOS, a platform that's gaining steam from growing interest in tablets and continued iPhone sales.

Microsoft hasn't had any real movement into these two areas, but Wang expects that to change over the course of the next two years, and is apparently feeling optimistic about Windows 8, Microsoft's next major version of Windows that some users feel is too focused on touchscreens.

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