Acer: Skip the Eulogy, Netbooks are Alive and Well

Paul Lilly

Around this time last year, we could go nary a week without a new netbook announcement, but things have slowed down considerably since then. Not to worry if you're a fan of netbooks, the segment isn't going to die, Acer Taiwan president Scott Lin said at a press conference .

By Lin's estimations, netbooks shipments in 2010 will still end up at nearly 40 million units, or roughly 20 percent of the overall notebook market. Lin says he expects to see around the same number of shipments in 2011, though did note that there's unlikely to be any further growth in the netbook market with HP and Dell both stepping back.

Whether or not Lin is being overly optimistic remains to be seen. As 2011 rolls around, netbooks will end up competing with a whole host of tablet PCs, not just the iPad.

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