Acer Remains Unstoppable, Posts Record Revenue and Profit


Like a freight train going downhill on greased up tracks, there doesn't appear to be any stopping Acer, although there's no going down for this OEM.

Quite the opposite, actually, as Acer's revenue and profit numbers for 2009 climbed to record highs . According to Acer's financial report for 2009, the company's consolidated revenues reached $17.5 billion with net operating profit hitting $478.1 million. Both represent Acer's best annual figures on record to date.

While there have been some in the enthusiast community who have criticized Acer for a perceived lack in quality, that perception, whether true or not, has done little to curb the company's sales. And ever the confident OEM, Acer said recently it plans on becoming the world's No. 1 PC maker by 2012, a spot currently occupied by HP.

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