Acer Pulls About-Face, Gets Ready to Ship Android Netbooks


According to a report in The Wall Street Journal , Acer will start shipping netbooks powered by Google's open-source Android platform in the third quarter of this year. The new netbooks will supplement -- not replace -- Acer's lineup of Windows-based netbooks.

The 180 comes as somewhat of a surprise, as two months ago Acer had stated it didn't believe Andorid was ready to run netbooks.

"For a netbook, you really need to be able to view a full web for the total internet experience," said Jim Wong , head of Acer's IT products and business line. "And Android is not that yet."

Fast forward to today and Wong is singing praise over Android's ability to provide a fast wireless connection to the Internet, which is apparently enough to outweight any cons the company might have previously felt existed.

No word yet on price points or model specs.

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