Acer Preps 15-inch Ultrabook Model

Paul Lilly

Being a technology enthusiast sometimes feels like a series of tradeoffs. Want a balls-to-the-wall gaming notebook? Be prepared to sacrifice portability and battery life. Looking for an ultra-slim laptop you can toss in your bag and hardly know it's there? Intel's new Ultrabook form factor has your name written all over it, but only if you can be content with an 11-inch or 13-inch screen. Acer's about to change that.

In speaking with sources entrenched with the Taiwan-based supply chain, DigiTimes claims Acer is working on a 15-inch Ultrabook, but you haven't heard the kicker yet. Not only will it sport a standard sized notebook panel while retaining the Ultrabook form factor's slim design, but Acer is apparently going to sell the thing for $699.

DigiTimes says Acer is pleased so far with sales of its regular Ultrabooks (11-inch and 13-inch), and so the company is willing to roll the dice on a larger model. That's it for the details, but if we're to speculate, it will probably be similar to the Aspire S3 and feature a hard drive / solid state drive combo rather than a dedicated SSD in order to hit its pricing target, or go with a low performance SSD like the one Toshiba stuck in its Portégé R835-P330, which was selling for $699 at Best Buy last week (it's now back up to $799).

Image Credit: Acer

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