Acer Predicts Dramatic Drop in iPad's Market Share

Paul Lilly

It's been nearly five months since Apple's iPad landed on store shelves and, for the most part, it's still the only viable tablet around. We keep talking about how that's going to change as 2010 comes to a close, but will it really?

Not only will it change, but the iPad's dominant near-100 percent market share will be reduced to as low as 20 percent once the tablet market stabilizes, Acer chairman JT Wang predicts .

Wang's comments came during an interview with Chinese-language Economic Daily News, in which he also cited a report showing that the market share for Android-powered smartphones has already leapfrogged iOS models. According to Wang, a closed platform, like iOS, just won't be able to compete with an open one in the long run.

We don't believe that's necessarily true (Windows, after all, is a closed platform), but there will be a deluge of Android tablets in the coming months. That includes an ARM-based tablet from Acer, though the latest reports have the company delaying its tablet release until the first quarter of 2011 in order take advantage of Android 3.0, which purportedly will feature support for larger display resolutions. As the Web chatter goes, Android 3.0 is being developed specifically with the tablet market in mind.

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