Acer Launches Half a Dozen S0 Slim LED Series Monitors

Paul Lilly

Those of you rocking and rolling over in Europe have six new LED monitors to choose from today, all from Acer and all sporting slim profiles that measure just 13mm (barely more than half an inch, for the anti metric system crowd). These are TN panels ranging in size from 19 inches to 24 inches with contrast ratios of up to 100,000,000:1 (dynamic, of course).

TechConnect spotted the half a dozen new models, which fall under Acer's new S0 Slim LED Series. These include the 19-inch S190WL (1440x900), 20-inch S200HL (1600x900), 21.5-inch S220HQL (1920x1080), 23-inch S230HL (1920x1080), 24-inch S240HL (1920x1080), and 24-inch S240HLbid HDMI (1920x1080).

Each monitor boasts a 5ms response time, 250 cd/m2 brightness (typical), and D-Sub and DVI connectivity. The top-end S240HLbid HDMI also includes an HDMI port, in case that wasn't obvious. Pricing breaks down as follows:

  • S190WL : €109 (~$150 USD)
  • S200HL : €119 (~$164 USD)
  • S220HQL : €139 (~$191 USD)
  • S230HL : €159 (~$219 USD)
  • S240HL : €179 (~$246 USD)
  • S240HLbid HDMI : €189 (~$260 USD)

No word on when Acer plans to bring these models stateside or what the price will be once they do land on U.S. shores.

Image Credit: Acer via TechConnect

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