Acer "Iconia Smart" Boasts a 4.8-inch Screen

Paul Lilly

With the Mobile World Congress now in full swing, we're seeing tons of mobile device announcements, including Acer's new ICONIA SMART (we'll ditch the all-caps from here on out regardless of how Acer's marketing the device). The idea is to offer the capabilities of a tablet in a smartphone format, which Acer tries to accomplish first and foremost with a generous 4.8-inch widescreen with a 21:9 aspect ratio "and a super cool chassis."

"On the 21:9 screen you can watch a movie in its original format, for an engrossing cinema-like experience," Acer explains. "What’s more the LED edge-lit display uses the same technology as TV showing super bright and vivid images; to top it off, Dolby Mobile technology delivers vibrant, immersive sound."

Acer says you can also beam content to your TV via DLNA or HDMI. Powering all this is a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB of RAM. Other features include 8GB of onboard storage, 3.5mm audio jack, a 1024x480 screen resolution, 6-axis motion sensing (Gyroscope + accelerometer), 8MB rear-facing camera with LED flash, 2MP front facing camera, and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

The Iconia Smart will ship on May 1st in the U.K. with pricing to be announced.

Image Credit: Acer

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