Acer: Hold the Boat, We're Totally Committed to Netbooks

Paul Lilly

Any reports you may have read about the death of netbooks are greatly exaggerated, and doubly with regards to Acer ditching its netbook business. Addressing recent rumors suggesting Samsung is getting ready to cut off production of 10.1-inch netbooks, Acer vice president Scott Lin wanted to make it clear his company will not be following suit.

Lin said his company will continue to build netbooks going into 2012 and is encouraged by strong demand in several emerging markets, including China, India, and Indonesia, according to DigiTimes .

The VP of Acer's China operations was also quick to point out that Acer is already the second largest brand in his home country. If Acer continues to expand its netbook business, Lin believes his company can extend its lead over Dell in the region, especially since Dell isn't put a ton of focus into low-cost netbooks.

As it stands, Acer is the biggest netbook player in the world with more than 1.7 million netbook sales in the third quarter alone. Asus shipped 1.2 million units during the same quarter, and Samsung sold 840,000 units.

Image Credit: Acer

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