Amber Bouman Sep 02, 2011

Acer HN274H Review

At A Glance


Embedded emitter and can double as mini 3D TV


Expensive and black level could use a slight improvement

Acer’s HN274H is remarkable. Not only is this 27-inch display the first to incorporate the 3D Vision IR emitter into the display itself, but it also has HDMI 1.4a—so it’s capable of being used with a Blu-ray deck or PlayStation 3—and a WLED backlight. Exciting stuff, but it doesn’t do much good if the display is a disappointment in 2D. Fortunately, in that regard the HN274H was stellar.

The Acer HN274H’s performance is impressive, matching that of our zero-point machine nearly step for step.

From start to finish, the TN-based HN274H kept pace with our zero-point monitor (an IPS-based Dell U2410), producing accurate—albeit slightly cooler—colors, incredible details, and texture. It aced nearly every test we put it through, save the dark-screen test, which revealed the slightest touch of lighter spots across the screen. In fact, the black level was our only complaint, and the only area in which the HN274H didn’t mirror our zero-point, but instead produced a slightly grayer black. The HN274H also had a touch more moiré noise in test patterns, which kept us from awarding it a Kick Ass award.

In our 3D testing, the HN274H continued to perform admirably, utilizing its embedded emitter with little trouble to produce a crisp, quality 3D image. Overall, this is one sweet setup—if you’ve got the cash for it.

$680, www.acer.com


Acer HN274H

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