Acer Founder Suspicious of Microsoft's Surface Tablet Strategy

Paul Lilly

It's been an exciting week for Microsoft, which just the other day unveiled its Surface tablet, a surprisingly promising device that just may have the legs to go the distance, if not with the iPad, then certainly against Android and ARM. But let's not sell the Surface short, with the right strategy and continued interest from Microsoft, this could be big. Or, as Acer founder Stan Shih suspects, the whole Surface strategy is nothing more than a bunch of smoke and mirrors intended to sell consumers on Windows 8.

That's not such a bad thing, except Shih says Microsoft isn't really interested in selling its own brand tablets and will look to jump ship as quick as it can, DigiTimes reports . Microsoft's vision, according to Shih, is to encourage vendors to carry Windows 8 tablet PCs, and not just Surface, but other models from other companies, too.

As Shih sees it, Microsoft isn't motivated to sell hardware because it's more profitable to license its software. On top of that, being a hardware vendor in the tablet space brings about a whole new set of challenges, like product management, warranty service, and all that fun stuff.

Short and to the point, Shih believes Surface is a ploy to put Windows 8 in the hearts and minds of vendors, and once there, Microsoft will bolt from the tablet market place (on the hardware side).

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