Acer Confident that it Will Replace Dell on the Throne


Look out Dell, Acer's hot on your heels and the OEM knows it. The Taiwanese manufacturer is confident it will leapfrog Dell for the No. 1 spot in the US, saying it believes it will dethrone the OEM sometime within the next two quarters.

And Acer isn't just beating its chest, either. According to data from research firm Gartner, Acer is on pace to claim a larger share of the global market in the third quarter, although it has a ways to go before it will catch up to Dell in the U.S, where the OEM owns a 26.2 percent share of the market., comfortably ahead of Acer's 13.9 percent.

It wasn't just Dell that Acer has in its sights. According to The Wall Street Journal, Acer president Gianfranco Lanci believes his company will also surge past HP when it comes to notebooks, netbooks, and smartphones.

Image Credit: Acer

Note: Edited to clarify Dell's position as the number 1 PC OEM in the US.

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