Acer Chooses To Pass on the Current Version Windows RT

Maximum PC Staff

Acer planned to release a Windows RT tablet in Q2, but will hold off for now.

Windows RT tablets are of questionable value when compared to the competition, and Acer can’t resist the temptation to pile on. The PC maker has been making some interesting tablet and Ultrabook designs lately , but is choosing the wait and see approach for the ARM version of Windows 8 .

"There are still users looking for more versatile products," said Acer President Jim Wong. He went on to add, "To be honest, there's no value doing the current version of RT." In regards to his opinion on Windows 8, Wong’s opinion was mixed. “The launch was not ideal and the Surface tablet created some distraction, but Microsoft is now doing a good job of supporting its partners and explaining the touch-usage model to customers, Wong said.”

When asked about the company’s vision of the future, Wong clarified that a major focus will be placed on hybrids going forward. "We believe Windows 8 has some more chances. That's why we continue to invest in Windows 8 tablets," Wong said.

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