Acer Backs Down from Surface Warning, Reaffirms Commitment to Windows 8 Tablets

Paul Lilly

After creating a stir in the media over comments he made to Microsoft warning the company to "think twice" about its Surface strategy, Acer chairman J.T. Wang is now singing a different tune, one that's far less threatening and more accepting to the situation. That doesn't mean Wang is no longer concerned about Microsoft's march in the tablet space, but he did clarify that Acer has every intention of competing with Windows 8-based slates of its own.

Wang still thinks Microsoft's Surface mission will ultimately hurt the PC ecosystem, and since making his previous comments, he's spoken with the Redmond company to discuss his concerns, DigiTimes reports . He also sought to clarify that he's highly excited about Windows 8, and that some of his comments were meant to protect Microsoft from itself and not necessarily as a plea to step out of the way of OEMs.

Microsoft isn't deaf to the pleas of OEMs like Acer and others worried about the company's Surface strategy. One thing Microsoft is considering is making sure there's a large enough price gap between the Surface and competing Windows 8 tablets to lessen the impact of competing with its hardware partners.

Regardless, Wang said he's not afraid of the competition, he just wants to understand the rules of the game and wished Microsoft would have communicated its intentions better at the outset. According to Wang, Microsoft turned from a partner to a competitor seemingly overnight and without warning.

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