Acer: Apple Products are "Mutant Viruses," Let's Find a Cure

Paul Lilly

If Acer's PR department provided company creator Stan Shih with a canned statement, he didn't read it. Instead, Shih told reporters late last night that Apple products are "mutant viruses" in need of a cure.

Describing the difference in design philosophy between Apple and the PC industry, Shih says Steve Jobs is always looking for a revolutionary product, one which is bound to enjoy short-term success and growth, but eventually will be trumped by the competition. In this way, PC vendors become "immune" to the Apple effect, Shih explains.

To drive the point home, Shih pointed to the competition between Microsoft's Windows and Apple's Mac OS. According to Shih, Windows' "open" platform has allowed Microsoft to attract the majority of PC vendors, while Apple's PC market has turned out to be limited. This, he says, is similar to how the open VHS standard ultimately won out against Sony's Betamax format.

Looking ahead, Shih sees Android playing a big role in PC brands being able to isolate Apple. He also reiterated a previous gloom-and-doom prediction that U.S. based PC vendors will eventually ditch the PC market as profits from PC products fall lower and lower.

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