Acer Announces Slimmed Down B6 and V6 Series Displays

Paul Lilly

The new B6 and V6 monitors come in a wide variety of sizes.

Acer is attempting to offer a little something for everyone in announcing its new B6 and V6 Series of LED-backlit monitors. These displays range in size from just 17-inches all the way up to 27 inches, all of which sport a slimmer chassis than the prior generation of monitors, Acers says. They also come in a variety of panel types, including in-plane switching (IPS), vertical alignment (VA) and twisted nematic (TN).

Don't get too caught up on the size of the screen, at least on the higher end. That's because Acer tops out the resolution at 1920x1080, so you don't necessarily gain any more screen real-estate by going with a 27-inch over a smaller panel; it just depends on the model.

In terms of feature differences, the V6 Series offers tilt capability, which can be adjusted from -5 to 25 degrees. The V6, meanwhile, ups the ante with a multifunction ErgoStand that supports tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments. These displays can be pivoted 90 degrees clockwise for both landscape and portrait viewing, titled from -5 to 35 degrees in the high position and -5 to 25 degrees in the low position, and offer 120-degree swivel.

Pricing starts at $95 for the V6 and $155 for the B6.

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