Acer: Android isn't Ready to Run Netbooks

Paul Lilly

Convincing Acer -- who, at last count, was selling more netbooks than Asus and claims 38.3 percent of the market -- that your OS is a suitable alternative to XP or Linux for use on netbooks is no easy task. At a press event earlier this week, Chief Executive Gianfranco Lanci and Jim Wong head of Acer's IT products business line, told reporters that while Acer plans on using Google's open-source Android OS in its upcoming smartphone, it doesn't feel the OS is ready for netbooks.

"For a netbook, you really need to be able to view a full web for the total internet experience," Wong said . "And Android is not that yet."

Lanci echoed Wong's sentiments, adding that Android is better suited for communication, whereas Windows comes at the market from the computing side. According to Lanci, an ideal solution would be to offer both. However Lanci did admit that Acer is currently testing Android on its netbooks, adding "I think everybody in the industry is testing Android on netbooks."

And he's right. HP said last week that it was considering Android for future netbooks, and so too has Asus.

Would you be interested in an Android-powered netbook, or is XP the way to go? Hit the jump and sound off.

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