According to Cisco, 90% of World's Email is Spam

Paul Lilly

Could it be possible that legitimate email messages only account for 10 percent of all email? According to the Cisco 2008 Annual Security Report , the answer is 'yes.' The report claims that nearly 200 billion pieces of spam are sent and received every day, accounting for 90 percent of the world's email. Making the influx of spam messages possible are armies of hijacked computers, Cisco says.

"Every year we see threats evolve as criminals discover new ways to exploit people, networks, and the internet," said Cisco chief security researcher Patrick Peterson. "The botnet is, in many cases, ground-zero for online criminal threats."

Cisco points to the United States as by far the biggest source of spam, accounting for 17.2 percent of the messages. Turkey came in second at 9.2 percent, and Russia ranked third accounting for 8 percent.

What's most striking is that spam volumes have nearly doubled in 2008 compared to 2007. This despite a handful of recent busts by the FTC on various spam rings, which appear to have done nothing when looking at the overall picture. And because spammers "rarely use computers in their physical possession, instead renting or building botnets," the FTC will continue to fight an uphill battle until security improves across the board. Don't hold your breath.

Image Credit: Flickr freezelight

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