Absolutely Scrabulous!



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Actually, it is now back on Facebook, but under a new name.  It is Wordscrapper.  The board has changed somewhat, in the sense the reward squares are random at the beginning of each new game.  Makes for a new challenge each time.



For the love of whatever god you worship (if applicable), the word you want is "regimen," not "regime." 

Both words have ancient roots and are related. In the modern lexicon, however, a regimen is something that occurs on a regular basis (in your day-to-day routine, for example), while a regime is a type of government (as in "a corrupt regime has assumed power").

Isn't there some sort of editorial review before articles are published? Over time, I've been noticing sloppier writing in the hallowed pages of MPC, to the point that it's becoming a distraction. (No, I'm not just picking on you.)

Good writing is important, and these sorts of common errors detract from the magazine's credibility. To wit, if supposedly professional writers are careless with the language and supposedly professional editors are not catching the errors, then what else are you folks careless about?