A Wireless Mouse without Batteries? That's "Genius"

Paul Lilly

Listen, if you're going to name your company "Genius," you better back up that braggadocios title with a product or service that reflects your choice of name. There actually is a company called Genius, a Taiwanese outfit that's making available its DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse in North America. The twist on this one is that it's supposedly the world's first battery-free wireless mouse, and the rodent recharges within minutes.

A three-minute charge is all that's needed for a full day's use, the company says . Its guts are made up of a built-in gold capacitor capable of 100,000 recharges, which Genius touts as a superior option to "outdated, environmentally unfriendly disposable batteries."

The wireless mouse picks up a signal via a 2.4GHz USB pico receiver up to 15 meters away. It features 4-way scrolling, an adjustable DPI (800/1600), next/previous hot keys, and a sensor that "allows for smooth, uninterrupted pointing and clicking on virtually any surface including dusted glass, marble, or thick carpet," just in case you're allergic to an old-fashioned computer desk.

You can purchase the DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse now for $40, provided you can find one.

Image Credit: Genius

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