A Sharper Image?


I’ve been contemplating purchasing a 120Hz monitor for some time. After reading the May 2010 review of the Acer GD235HZ, this now looks like more of a possibility. I currently have a GeForce 275 GTX, and my understanding is that in order to take advantage of the 120Hz, I need to connect to the monitor with dual-link DVI. However, will this 120Hz monitor do for games what 120Hz has done for movies and TVs? Does it deliver that same crisp image that makes it feel like you are right there with the cast? Also, would a streaming service, such as Slingbox, have that same feeling if I’m steaming at HD speeds (2Mb/s+)?

—John Paul Scarpatti

John, the primary reason to connect a 120Hz display to your Nvidia videocard is to take advantage of Nvidia’s wireless stereoscopic video kit, 3D Vision. Many of the games that take advantage of Nvidia’s 3D solution—including Metro 2033, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2—look great in stereoscopic mode. Nvidia’s solution (with a 120Hz monitor) should also work with Blu-ray 3D movies when they arrive at retail. It won’t have a significant visual impact on Slingbox streams.

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