A Declaration of Independence for the iPhone


In honor of the Fourth of July, here's a little more freedom: Jon Johansen over at http://nanocr.eu/ has figured out how to free the iPhone from AT&T's tether. You can buy the iPhone wihout a contract, but it will sit there very expensively on your desk, holding your papers down, and that's it. When you sign up for the contract, iTunes sends an activation code to the phone to enable all the neat non-phone features like wifi and iPod functionality. Jon sniffed out the activation code iTunes sent to the iPhone and even wrote up a handy app to activate the phone without signing up for a 2-year AT&T contract. Note that this won't enable you to use the iPhone as a phone, it'll just unlock all the software on the device. So if you want a handheld web-browsing plus-size iPod nano-like gadget, or if you just like thwarting The Man when he tries to lock you down, DVD Jon has your back again.

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