A-Data My Flash Fingerprint Disk 2GB


The My Flash Fingerprint Disk offers a feature that goes well with a USB key: a fingerprint scanner to protect the drive’s contents. While not everyone keeps satellite images of nuclear facilities and top-secret documents on their USB key, it’s still reassuring to know that there’s an extra level of protection between your data and potential do-badders.

The fingerprint-recording process is as simple as can be. You select a finger from either hand to train onscreen, then swipe the chosen digit over the scanner. It records your fingerprint and you’re set—every time you plug in the key you have to swipe that finger to unlock the drive’s contents. Otherwise, the key’s contents are invisible, and the drive is write-protected. If you want to add another fingerprint to the key’s database, you have to first swipe the original finger in order to proceed.

While the fingerprint mechanism works fabulously, the key performed poorly in our file transfer tests. This seems to be a trend—no-name keys are usually slower than their brand-name brethren. In the end, this key’s svelte formfactor and biometrics can’t make up for its pokiness.

Month Reviewed: November 2006
+ FINGER PAINT : Great security feature, easy-to-use scanner, and affordable.
- FINGERPRINT : It’s a one-trick pony, and it’s slow.
Verdict: 7
URL: www.adatausa.com

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