A Chrome Browser with Extensions Support? You Betcha!


Speed? Check. Minimalistic interface? Check. Better tab management, pretty good standards support, and support for third-party extensions? Check, check, and, well, not yet. But if Google's latest developer preview version of its Chrome browser is any indication, extensions will soon be supported as a standard feature.

"We're ready for a few more people to start using extensions - the kind of adventurous people who populate the dev channel," said Aaron Boodman , the Google engineer who oversees the extensions work.

Google recently began supporting extensions in developer versions of Chrome, but you had to input a command line switch. With the latest preview version of Chrome on Windows, however, extensions are supported by default.

The lack of extensions support has been a major criticism of Chrome ever since it launched, but with support seemingly right around the corner, Firefox users will be faced with a tough dilemma: Switch to Chrome, which has superior tab stability but a smaller library of extensions, or ride it out with Firefox in anticipation of version 4.0, which will also treat tabs as separate processes.

Question for the Firefox users: Would you switch to Chrome if it supported extensions? Hit the jump and tell us why or why not.

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