Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard Unboxing Video



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STAY AWAY FROM RAZER PRODUCTS! Razer produces absolute crap products of mostly medium to low quality. Both their quality control and their customer service are of some of the worst in the gaming industry today. For example, I went through two Razer Tiamat headsets in less than a year because the microphone on each broke off and stopped working. These incidents did not occur through abuse of any kind, but because of daily use! The Tiamat headesets are $180 plastic pieces of junk. When I submitted an RMA, it took Razer two weeks to get back with me with an RMA#. Then, they ended up returning the same headset still broken! I bought a second pair because I thought the mic breaking was just a fluke. Then the same thing happened again, but this time I was ready. I had purchased the 2-year insurance protection plan through Best Buy, which I ended up using quickly and replaced them with a Logitech G930 gaming headset and have been using it ever since. If you hever buy anything that is made by Razer (especially a keyboard that you plan to use every day), you had better buy that protection insurance! Trust me when I say it will pay for itself ;)



Razer Cyborg R.A.T. 7 and R.A.T. 5 are the only two mice I've ever owned that stopped working. They weren't abused any more or less than the dozens of Logitech mice I've owned over the decades. The Razer mice only lasted 6 to 8 months. Although they did fit my hands better due to the adjustments, the switches didn't hold up.

Consumers should just avoid them instead of deal with the headache of trying to get them replaced.

After those experiences I wouldn't consider buying another Razer mouse. Although they have several product lines, I don't have a lot of confidence they would be any better in the reliability department.

It's refreshing to see other MPC'ers with the same opinions and experiences.



I agree.

I was about ready to purchase the specific model that this poster mentioned; had a friend that had one, and it also broke at about the seven month point of regular use. Not one single bit of abuse to the product, just routine daily use.

It was unfortunate to notice that given the $150++ price of something that failed so soon, it almost reminded me of even lessor quality than the much less expensive video game console headsets that are offered on the Microsoft XB360.

But for those that still do not believe; either use a credit card to purchase one (thereby usually extending the warranty and "coverage" of some items) or take a pull of the slot machine arm and gamble with that amount of money



Their headphones are pretty good if you take care of them and don't run over the cord.



It's just advertising, not an actual review.

For $140, I want my keyboard to make my morning coffee.

Rather have four illuminated PERIBOARDs, instead, thank you very much.



I could go for a self cleaning keyboard :O.


Insula Gilliganis

"Razer has designed and engineered the world's first mechanical green switch keyboard" is really stretching the truth as, to echo what Philbert579 wrote below, this isn't really anything new as Cherry MX Green switches were out over a year ago (techreport.com/review/24461/a-first-look-at-cherry-mx-green-key-switches).

Razer's Green version is barely different than Cherry's version with these three improvements..

1) Lifespan of up to 60 million key strokes.. specs I have seen about Corsair's keyboards give a lifespan of 50 million

2) Razer Green has a lower actuation force than Cherry MX Green (50g vs 80g)

3) Actuation distance of 1.9mm verses the 2.0mm Cherry MX spec (distance to actuation point - 2mm from starting position; 4mm above the base)



Replaced a dying Logitech G15 with this keyboard back in early 2013, so far, so good, for both gaming & typing.

I do wonder thou, what the difference is between the 2013 & 2014 models...



I have the 2013 one as well and I love it. I think the only real difference is Razer developed the switches for the 2014 keyboard instead of using the standard Cherry MX ones.



I also had a G15, loved that keyboard and I upgraded to the G710+ Loving it so far.. feels so nice as I type.



I wonder if the keys will wear off like they have on my 2 year old Black Widow? Can't even buy replacement keys from them. If you can, it's hidden somewhere on their illegible website

Razer - overrated and overpriced



Not a fan of the unboxing videos, or at least expand it to include a proper review.



I agree.. I was waiting for him to at-least press the keys once and provide a smidgen of feedback. It seems like a teaser and waste of my time really. I'll wait for a full review.



First Razer green switch keyboard, but Cherry has made green switches for quite a while now. They're like blues with a heavier spring.