No BS Podcast #215: OCZ Sells Out, PC Sales Shrink, and AMD's FX CPUs



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We recently posted about an alleged slide leak from AMD that, if real, seemed to suggest the end of the line for FX-series CPUs and the AM3+ socket. The slide stirred a great deal of concern throughout major social networks and enthusiast websites, and so I attempted to bring things back down to earth in our original analysis. I reached out to AMD for comment prior to publication, but we weren't able to speak with the company until yesterday.

AMD Manager of APU/CPU Product Reviews James Prior was quick to negate the slide's legitimacy: "I've never seen that slide before, I don't know where that came from," he told me in our call, and quickly followed-up by stating that "it's not real. FX is not end-of-life." Prior pointed-out that it's rare to ever see more than a year into the future with roadmaps, and that the real AMD roadmap looks like this:


Ghost XFX

AMD is simply shifting their focus to APUs. They haven't quite given up on challenging Intel just yet. But as it stands right now, the traditional CPU has one foot in the grave.

If you look at the Intel offerings and what AMD has in the FX chips, they're about as similar as peanut butter and jelly. And looking at the Haswell offerings, there really is no comparison.

The only offering that AMD has that's remotely similar to Haswell right now would be their APUs and they certainly seem confident in Kaveri right now. That's not to say that Kaveri will give Haswell a run for it's money. But they do hold some similarities...

Aside from going inside of a PC case, that is.