No BS Podcast #214: DDR4 RAM, Next-gen Consoles, Microsoft and PC gaming, and AMD's R9 290X



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pls continue to develop podcast workflow all around not just edit/publishing timeline.

ps i enjoyed the first 18 mins the Segment on Memory was vintage.

(30mins) Jimmy's segment on consoles was good too, liked the fact he had prepared fallow up questions for the group which explored few ideas and developed the topic but continued to stay in liner subject.
hope to hear more from Jimmy on future podcast.

(40mins) Josh's segment GPU was hard to fallow..cause tom forgot to filter his brain and mouth,i could tell tom's enjoying the podcast and had so much input especially during the GPU segment but he keeps interrupting the Josh's segment introduction... distracted, tom then went on a tangent before getting to actual focus of the segment 5 mins later.



I question the logic of buying a 120GB SSD as a backup. I'd rather stick my data on a mechanical drive while I wait on the RMA (I actually look forward to dealing with OCZ's tech support staff, they are knowledgeable and very fast with RMAs), then use the money I save to buy a bigger/faster primary SSD, or a new laptop to put the current SSD in. I seriously need a new laptop. My current one breaks down and forces me to re-format and reinstall my OS every 3 months.



So there I am at 2:30 am my time and listening to MPC when it gets to Gordon's rant about the heat. He mentions Saskatchewan... I am from Saskatchewan so I turn to my second monitor and smirk at VLC as it streams the MP3 of the podcast.

Then he says it may be 30 Degrees where you are so I look to the right side of my secondary monitor to see what the temperature is here on my Yahoo Widget (Yeah I still use Yahoo Widgets... I also still call it Konfabulator sometimes too... leave me alone!). The temperature reads exactly 30 degrees... below zero, but still I got that creepy "The podcast is coming from inside the house!!!" vibe.

I would ask The Great Gordini other questions about myself to see how good he is but I am WAY too close to too many nerd stereotypes for it to be a challenge. Instead I ask the Swami of MaximumPC what he sees in the future for Mini PC's as they become powerful enough to do basic internet, device syncing and backup, and limited media playback for all those who are just keeping books, doing a little word processing, and largely just consuming and staying in contact using smartphones and tablets. Could this be a new skew for PC makers or a drain on the lower end of the traditional PC market.



Enjoyed listening to Gordon bitch about how hot it is. Good luck with the screen play.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Homemade air conditioner/slash/monster cpu cooler/slash/diet coke cooler

power the fan with solar panels in the windows

diet coke goes in the ice chest with the ice and pump

Next, install a baseboard ducted fan to blow all the cool ground air from PC Gamer into the Max PC area and duct the heat from each workstation up to the ceiling and over to PC Gamer to blow all your hot air into the PC Gamer ceiling area

They will wonder why their temps are 95 when yours are 75

Now replace only the highest wattage lights with LEDs and put an old freezer for ice in the Kitchen

remove hot dark objects absorbing heat near the windows and clean the dirt off any white paint near the windows to reflect instead of absorbing heat

In other words, just picture your office as a giant computer case and vent accordingly



Hey guys, I think the reason Microsoft releases products that are not very good is simply not having a gatekeeper like Apple had when Steve was still with us. Every product coming out of Apple had to pass through Steve's perfectionistic hands before getting to consumers. I'd suggest MS gets themselves a man with uncompromising standards with regard to functionality, asthetics and quality, then funnel everything through him-it worked for Apple...



microsoft choose quality over quantity. the xbox one can do everything! all smart phones have cameras, why not the xbox one kinect? f**k microsoft for being jealous of mobile devices when they should stick to their own world.



Unfortunately, not everyone who bought Apple's products had the same hands as Jobs did: "You're holding it wrong."

I'd appreciate it if M$ hired someone to "proof" their products who did not have an area where he gave inadequate features a pass, as Jobs did with the GPUs in every Macbook ever (or some screens, eg: non-IPS iPod touch) ;)