No BS Podcast #211: IDF, Ivy Bridge-E, Surface II, AMD takes on the GK110, and SteamOS


No BS Podcast #211: IDF, Ivy Bridge-E, Surface II, AMD takes on the GK110, and SteamOS

Ivy Bridge-EIntel Developer Forum, Ivy Bridge-E, Microsoft's second generation Surface and more!

The Maximum PC Staff returns for episode #211 of the No BS Podcast to discuss September news highlights. Gordon starts off with his thoughts on the hardware presented at IDF including the new Quark and Ivy Bridge-E. Next, the staff tackles Microsoft's second attempt at the Surface tablet, AMD's new Hawaii chip and Valve's SteamOS. Your questions are answered, editors picks are given and Gordon finishes with his signature rant.

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Editor's Picks:

Gordon Ung: ModRight Extreme Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat

Tom McNamara: State of Decay

Josh Norem: Is It Down Right Now?Seagate 4TB HDD

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Is the show back on a monthly basis now?



Sadly it seems that way. It was bi-weekly just a month or so ago. Hopefully it will be more frequent in the future :)



FYI, IBM hardware division refers to the mainframes and supercomputers that IBM still manufactures in the US. Which is all quite irrelevant to the Personal Computer industry, so Gordon's rant is still valid.

Katherine pulls a Nathan, but then she's the Boss and so is allowed.



Very good (means great) no BS pod cast again. no worries, the desktop PC will not fade away, although it may get smaller, and personal computting now has more power, options, and form factors than ever before! If you need content to add bring back the rig of the month and modding. thanks



Was wondering if are the 280x will be more power efficent than the 7970 graphics card. Would like to get the 290 but I think it will be out of my price range. I'm willing to only spend max 350 dollar including taxes.



Just one other thing. The Hawaii gpu release is one of the most anticipated releases all year in hardware. Why not wait until after the press release to do the podcast?



Again, we were trying to keep on the previously set schedule. We had delayed it already a few times and didn't want to delay it any longer.


Insula Gilliganis

Only listened to the first 45 minutes, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow but..

constructive criticism humbly submitted..

- I have harped on this before.. but.. why is there like a week between recording and posting? A month between episodes really made this apparent but, even in regularly scheduled episodes, too often I am listening to you all talk about events that have happened many days, even weeks before. This makes the podcast a lot less interesting to me, especially when you discuss events/topics that your site and others have already covered in depth. Any chance the length between recording and posting be shortened?? You all find time to post pics of booth babes & cosplayers PDQ but not the podcast!!

- Glad I just started playing a new game while listening to the podcast.. taking a shot of liquor whenever Gordon says "mop the floor" or "big boy socket". I was plastered after the first 15 minutes!!

- When did Josh become the group's "potty mouth"??

- Too much of this sounded like I was listening to the "MaximumTablet" podcast!!



Our podcast regularity is suffering right now because we don't have a full-time intern to help chop it up. This one in particular was delayed due to staff absence and other delays. We are doing our best to get it back on schedule, so thanks for your patience while we try to right the ship!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Time to change the Magazine's name to Minimum PC?

Max performance for minimum size and wattage ratings still has a future for a while yet