July 2013: 35 PC Problems Solved!



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I applaud your commitment to the resist... Wait, this is reality, and its just a Computer magazine (Granted, my favorite on, but one none the less) Before you go deeper into the rabbit hole consider this:

Torrents will:
A. Increase exposure to the media in question
B. Decrease Subscription revenue

Maximum PC and its affiliates gain revenue from:
A. Subscription revenue
B. Advertisement

Wait, What is that? Advertisement? Hey Random Maximum PC employee, can you verify this? Are our magazines full of pictures of products that we want, and said pictures are paid for by the manufactures of said products? What is this? An alternative source of revenue? How Dare you! (Read Sarcasim)



Dear MaximumPc people,

After your decision to postpone the release of issues (maximum pc site_today 04 months_last july2013) - Actual issue dec 2013; your magazine begins to be released as torrent or link to filehost download. You can find the last issue (december 2013) as torrent or link to filehost download. If you decide to release the last issue (december 2013) in newstand; release november 2013 in the website. You actual police is bullshit. You, only increase the release of non-official issues of maximum pc!!! Thanks.

Link to Maximum PC (november 2013) ---> http://asfile.com/en/free-download/file/Ss7tXWe