8 Foot Tall Case Mod Would Look Great at Your Next Steampunk LAN Party


It's not too often that we get to see a computer case that stands taller than Houston Rocket Yao Ming, but at nearly 8 feet tall, D. Mattocks' Frankenstein machine has nearly half a foot on the NBA star.

Mattocks' impressive Steampunk mod consists of a vent salvaged from an old church, lots of copper piping, vintage gauges, green cold-cathode tubes, and a plethora of other parts. More than just aesthetics, one of the gauges serves a useful purpose by showing the computer temperature. Save for the optical and floppy drives' black face-plates, you wouldn't even know this tower housed a computer inside.

And speaking of the PC inside, two radiators cool the CPU and dual 8800 GTX videocards. Yates Loon fans help keep the components cool, and according to Mattocks, the rig never ramps up more than 10 degrees above room temperature, even when playing high end games for hours on end.

Plenty more pics to spy by clicking here .

Image Credit: Flickr  SteamPunk

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