71 Percent Of Online Adults Use Video-Sharing Sites

Brad Chacos

Us Americans may not enjoy the same blazing-fast broadband speeds as our South Korean friends , but that doesn't stop us from getting our YouTube on. The majority of us may not even need bigger pipes, if a new report by Pew Research Center is true: according to the group, a whopping 71 percent of online American adults make use of video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. That's a lot of "Cookie Monster Sings Chocolate Rain."

The numbers stay largely the same regardless of sex, income or geographic location: a female in NYC is just as likely as a male in Kansas to check out the latest Lady Gaga vid online. In fact, the biggest differentiator in video-sharing usage seems to be age; the older you get, the less likely you are to be on YouTube. Ninety-two percent of people under the age of 30 frequent the sites, as do 80 percent of people between 30 and 50. That number drops to 54 percent, or just over half, of people aged 50 to 64. And if you're over 64? Fuggedaboutit. Only one in three senior citizens get their video kicks online.

One key difference between urban and rural watchers is their frequency of video-sharing use. A third of urban and suburban correspondents told Pew that they'd visited a video-sharing site "yesterday." That number dropped to only 14 percent for rural netizens.

The 71 percent usage rate is a major jump in five years. In 2006, only 33 percent of Americans utilized the services of YouTube and their ilk. You can check out the full report online , but be warned; there's a ton of numbers and graphs.

Image credit: interactiveinsightsgroup.com

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