7 Indie Games Featured in This Week's Humble Bundle

Maximum PC Staff

$1 contribution grabs you some great indie titles

The Humble Bundle has struck again giving bargain hunters another cheap assortment of games. This week’s bundle features seven games, five of which you can get all for as little as a single dollar ! Among those titles are indie games Little Inferno, Capsized, Thomas was Alone, Dear Esther, and Awesomenauts.

If you donate more than $5.68 (the current average) you will also receive the critically-acclaimed titles Hotline Miami and Proteus too.

The Humble Bundle supports the developers who put their games on the service and charity too. You can of course choose to donate as much money as you would like and choose where that money goes to, be it to the developers or charity organizations (Child's Play Charity and/or the American Red Cross).

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