64-bit Wireless Adapters?


I’m building a new rig using Windows Vista. I thought I’d try the 64-bit version since all the bugs and such should be gone by now. Everything went fine until I attempted to install a wireless adapter in the PCI slot. Much to my surprise, I can’t find an adapter that’s compatible with the 64-bit version. I’ve found many sites that claim to sell 64-bit wireless adapters, but when I check the details of the specs they all say 32-bit compatible. Am I missing something or do they not exist? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

—Jeff Davison

Jeff, PCI wireless adapters have been a notorious tricky spot for adopters of 64-bit Windows. Browsing web forums will throw up a few posts from people claiming varying amounts of success using wireless cards from Belkin, Linksys, and D-link, but to say that 64-bit support by any vendor is spotty is to put it mildly.

It may be best to just buy a long Ethernet cord. Although setting them up can be a pain, especially if your PC is far from your router, wired connections are faster, more secure, and more stable than wireless. Another option is a wireless bridge, which connects to your computer via Ethernet cable and doesn’t require drivers. We still prefer wired connections over wireless bridges, which frequently get mixed reviews, but if your PC is truly inaccessible via Ethernet, a wireless bridge is probably your best bet. We’ve heard good things about Linksys’s WGA600N.

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