54% of Verizon Smartphone Users Considering iPhone Switch

Ryan Whitwam

As the Verizon iPhone gets ever closer to release, some survey results paint a frightening picture for the purveyors of other smartphones on Big Red. In an online survey of 700 users of BlackBerry and Android users on Verizon, a total of 54% are considering to switch to the Verizon iPhone 4. By comparison, only 26% of AT&T customers in a similar survey planned to switch carriers for the handset.

The numbers are broken down by those very likely to switch (25%), and those somewhat likely to switch (29%). Of those, 66% were BlackBerry users, and only 44% are Android users. This is particularly sad news for RIM who used to rule Verizon's smartphone lineup. We should point out that this is only a survey, and many respondents are likely to shy away upon realizing they are under contract and will have to pay full, or nearly full, price for the iPhone.

Verizon will clearly have a big seller on their hands, as indicated by the pre-sale numbers. But will other smartphone users flock to stores to trade in their old and busted BlackBerrys?

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