3M Reveals Stealthy Pico Projector, Shipping This Month

Paul Lilly

We can hear it now: "Why yes, that is a projector in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you." 3M has unveiled its MPro 110 mini projector, beating a bevy of companies to the punch who this year have announced plans to release a pico projector of their own.

Popsci.com got its hands on the 11.5 x 5 x 2.2 cm device, noting that images could be viewed up to about 11 inches across, even under bright lighting, but not without some noticeable fading. Others photos and some movie scenes were "downright indecipherable.

The pint-sized projector comes with a VGA input, which will come in handy for plugging in laptops, and a composite video jack for connecting to digital cameras, iPods, PSPs, and other handheld gagdets. A thumbwheel gives end users the ability to manually adjust focus.

In the short term, look for the MPro 110 to go on sale September 30 for $359. But looking longer down the line, 3M says it would like to eventually implement the technology into cellphones, perhaps as early as next year.

Image Credit: 3M

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