3DMark 11 Update Improves Physics Compatibility

Paul Lilly

The brainy benchmarking nerds at Futuremark dropped us a note to let us know about a 3DMark 11 update now available for download. It's a relatively minor update with a handful of tweaks, and any results produced following the patch are compatible and comparable with results produced by earlier versions, the Finnish software maker claims.

Changes and tweaks listed in the short release notes include:

  • Bullet physics library updated to version 2.79 to improve compatibility with future CPUs and GPUs
  • For most systems containing multiple GPUs, for example integrated graphics and an additional discrete card, the user can now select the GPU to be tested using an new option on the Help tab
  • Improved error handling and user messages for the most common compatibility issues
  • SystemInfo component updated to version 4.5 for improved compatibility with current and future hardware
  • New 'More' tab with information about other Futuremark products and services

You can download the 3DMark 11 v1.0.3 update here .

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