3D TVs Quickly Becoming Mainstream

Paul Lilly

Citing Taiwan-based television manufacturers, news and rumor site DigiTimes says that technological developments of 240Hz LCD TV panels have progressed to the point where volume production is expected to begin in the second half of 2010. Combined with LCD shutter glasses, these two technologies are fast becoming the mainstream technology for 3D displays.

This has 3D TV vendors cautiously optimistic about the future. On one hand, there's some concern whether 3D TV demand will continue to grow, as early indications suggest. Despite the questionable future, several industry heavyweights are planning to push 3D into the mainstream. Samsung, for example, has set a goal of shipping 2.6 million 3D TVs in 2010, while Sony will shove 2.2 million units into the market. Panasonic won't be quite as busy, setting a goal of 1.1 million units, while LG Electronics plans to ship 1 million units.

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