30 Year Scandinavian Study Shows no Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

Maximum PC Staff

Even if you're not the type who typically sports a tin foil hat, you've probably spent a bit of time wondering if all that cell phone radiation we subject our brains to is safe. Could cell phones be the cigarettes of the modern age in disguise? Apparently not if you heed the results of a new Scandinavian study which has carefully reviewed the effects of wireless phone radiation on the brain over a 30 year period, and claims cell phones are completely harmless .

The study was performed by the Danish Cancer society and was documented in the National Cancer Institute Journal which looks at brain cancer trends in Scandinavian countries. Of course some people will never be convinced cell phones are truly safe regardless of how much evidence comes to light, but for those of you still on the fence, this is a bit positive news that should put your mind at ease.

Even though they claim its safe for the brain, I would still suggest holding onto your solid lead underwear if you're going to keep carrying around a cell phone in your pants. I haven't seen any studies on the effects of radiation on the wedding tackle, but I'm not taking any chances.

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