2K Has Change of Heart, Decides to Release BioShock 2 DLC on PC After All

Nathan Grayson

After hearing that 2K had quietly held BioShock 2's PC DLC's head underwater until the bubbles stopped , some of you may very well have considered establishing your own undersea utopia – but for PC gamers instead of psychologically unhinged geniuses. Fortunately, that prohibitively expensive plan will no longer be necessary, as the PC gaming community has managed to pull the best possible kind of “would you kindly?” on 2K.

“When we announced that Protector Trials and Minerva’s Den would not be coming out for the PC due to technical and timing issues, we received a lot of feedback (much of it understandably expressing disappointment and anger) about our decision,” 2K’s Elizabeth Tobey in a post on the official 2K forums .

“However, one of the core principles of the 2K Games community is to keep an open dialogue with gamers and listen to what they have to say. We are a company of gamers making awesome experiences for gamers - and given the conversations we've had over the past two weeks, we've decided to go back and finish the PC patch and Protector Trials.”

But those are just the warm-ups. The real main event, of course, is Minerva's Den, which many have hailed as the best piece of single-player DLC to drop this year. Unfortunately, we're not exactly looking at a quick cut-and-paste job with this one.

“When we stopped development on Minerva's Den, it was not in a workable state and needed significantly more dev time to complete. As of now, we are not certain how much longer it would take to complete the project to our standards, but we have reallocated resources to work on completing the project so PC gamers can have this experience in Rapture along with 360 and PS3 owners,” Tobey explained.

Really, that's all we can ask for, and we very much like what we're hearing. 2K, consider this the beginning of a cautiously optimistic friendship.

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