256MB WeWa Zealot WMP-4000+


Austere design and great sound come together in the Zealot

Month Reviewed: February 2005
Verdict: 7
URL: www.cirago.com

After the Stanchion, the Zealot is the second in a series of MP3 players from WeWa that appear to have gotten their names from words pulled out of the dictionary at random. But we’re more than willing to accept the company’s strange practices—its hardware developers do know how to make a damn good-sounding player. The volume is downright intimidating, and sounds slightly less trebly and more mellow than the MPIO FL300. Sound quality is right up there with the iPod Mini, although we can’t say the same of the interface.

In fact, the Zealot is sort of the anti-iPod in that respect. Although it allows you to use folders as playlists (like the FL300), you’d never guess that you access the folders by holding down the leftmost button for a few seconds, and if you can figure out how to make a voice recording without consulting the manual, we’ll throw you a fish. That’s too bad, because the scary interface discourages use of interesting features like the adjustable-speed fast-forward.

If you’ve got the patience for the interface, you’ll dig the wonderful sound of the Zealot. But please don’t turn to WeWa for advice when naming your kids. --Logan Decker

+ Salary: Fantastic sound!

- Malady: Awful interface!

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