20 Websites to Share with Dad

Amber Bouman

Everybody knows that Dads dig gadgets. Which must be why, every year about this time, you can’t go online without finding roughly seventy million stories on Father’s Day/gadget/gift ideas. But you know what Dads like more than gadgets? Spending quality time with their loving children. Which is why, this year, we’ve compiled a list of websites that Dads would like. From comics and cooking to beer and home improvements, here are the top 20 sites to share with your Pops this Father’s Day. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll avoid having to shell out $20 for ugly patterned boxers or another “Best Dad” coffee mug.  Not going home? Easy! Just send an email with these links and then call your old man. Discuss amongst yourselves; I’m getting verklemped already.

1. Sh*t My Dad Says -

Chances are you already know about this hilarious Twitter feed that directly quotes Justin Halpern’s 74-year old father. But does your Dad know about it? Share the site with him now before the TV show ruins everything. Be forewarned though: the elder Halpern cusses nearly as much as I do.

2. Instructables -

The best marriage of geeky wisdom and DIY ethics that we’ve seen, Instructables has a plethora of how-to advice and active community forums. Need to know how to make a platform bed, or want to build your own BBQ barrel this summer? From robots to camping, bicycle mods and going green, this is the site that will teach you how.

3. Toothpaste for Dinner -

With over 2,000 crudely drawn comics concerning work, roommates, life, and sheer ridiculousness TPFD is a stand-out among web comics. It might look like it was drawn by your 5-year old nephew, but its content is painfully clever. After all, where else on the web can you find a Panflute Flowchart ? (Yeah, you read that right).

4. Highly Flammable Toys -

Dads are lifes super-heros, and now you can make Dad into an actual super-hero action figure. Highly Flammable Toys makes action figures of literally anyone you want! Although it’s by no means cheap ($700 a piece/$1200 for a pair), it is exceptionally awesome. Recently back from hiatus, the site also does personalized independent movie posters.

5. Dave Berry/Miami Hearld -

I think it’s a law that every Dad own at least three Dave Barry books.  And there’s a reason for that. Barry’s got a lockdown on the inherent humor found in a mans life from family, work and sports to children and politics, his touching wit and genuine tone never fail.

6. 80's Tees -

From Anchorman and the Big Lebowski, to the Green Lantern and Pac-Man, this site has damn near every t-shirt a body could want. Is Dad a bad-ass Chuck Norris fan? Perhaps he really wants to rock that vintage Atari logo? Geeky enough for the Flux Capacitor t-shirt? Perfect! This is the place for him.

7. Monster by Mail -

Dad got a zombie fetish? Maybe Mom’s into vampires? Figure you kids were little monsters back in the day. That would be a family portrait, wouldn’t it? No, really. For a fee, Cleveland-based artist Len Peralta will draw you or your loved ones as a monster. Extra bucks get you a YouTube video of the creation – which is usually just plain fun to watch anyhow.

8. Garfield Minus Garfield -

Garfield is funny enough but Garfield minus Garfield? Hilarious. Removing the central character from this cartoon makes Jon Arbuckle appear deeply lonely and occasionally disturbed. Sometimes bizarre, sometimes pitiful, this spin-off is funnier than most Sunday comics.

9. Top 10 Bad Dance Moves -

What is it about Dads and dancing? They always seem to pick the most overused, embarrassing moves to demonstrate at BBQs, family gatherings, and block parties. Need to show Dad what not to do when he busts a move? Start with this site. Detailing ten outdated dance crazes – with video – this site puts the kibosh on some of Dads favorite moves.

10. Duct Tape Fashion -

My mom loves to tell the story about when she met my dad - and he was wearing shoes held together by duct tape. What she didn’t realize then was that he was totally ahead of his time. Duct tape wallets are now de rigueur; this site takes it a step further with visors, backpacks, hats and roses all 100% made from duct tape.

11. Urban Dictionary -

Half-Wikipedia, half-Dictionary.com, this user-edited site holds definitions to over 5 million common slang words and phrases. At time hilarious, at times offensive, it will at least save you from the horrifying experience of having to explain the term “sexting” to your folks. For IM-speak, try http://transl8it.com .

12. Black Cat Fireworks -

Remember when you were a kid and you’d wait all summer for the 4th of July, the one day of the year it was okay to blow stuff up? You and Dad would eagerly stockpile the roman candles, and the spinners, lighting them one by one with destructive glee until there was nothing left but sparklers… Black Cat is like that, but all year round.

13. DrinkHacker -

If your dad digs scotch more than Ron Burgundy, he’ll be all over Drinkhacker. Hey, even if he’s more of a gin man, he’s covered. With liquor reviews, events, barware info, books, recipes, drinking science and hangovers listed as categories, it would be hard to find something that Drinkhacker doesn’t cover.

14. This Old House -

A lot of household repairs usually fall right into Dad’s lap. This site can help him fix, build, extend, repair, concoct and overhaul everything inside and out of the family abode. With info on products and tools, as well as advice from users, this is a great resource for any hammer-swinging necessity.

15. 1,001 Rules for My Unborn Son -

Simple, classic and timeless advice liberally salted with video, quotes, music and photos makes this site a winner. From snapshots of David Bowie and Paul Newman, to quotes from Ben Franklin and Hunter S. Thompson, and rules like 233. Go down fighting or 361. Let the axe do the work , this is an essential list for any gentleman.

16. Sh*t My Kids Ruined -

A terrifying trip through the various things that children have destroyed, botched, broken, shattered, smashed, and pillaged from expensive jukeboxes and furniture to electronics and family heirlooms.  Sometimes disgusting and often horrifying, any Dad will relate. Never in my life have I been more frightened of children, or sorrier for putting all those magic markers in the fish tank when I was five.

17. My Parents Were Awesome -

A touching tribute to the time when your parents dressed well, slept well, partied hard and had weird hair. You know, before they had you. Eliot Glazer started this feed to remind us that our parents had their own lives before they became parents; a celebration of the people who raised us and a hilarious stroll through past fashions.

18. Rouxbe Cooking School -

The Rouxbe Cooking School site teaches the fundamentals of food via a variety of classes and videos. From basics like How to Cook Pasta to recipes for Curried Mussels, this is a great resource for foodies and fast-foodies alike. Whether Dad is a Domino’s dude, or more a Food Network type, there’s something here for him.

19. Art of Manliness -

This 1920’s-style site has all the manliness you’ll need with categories including manly skills, health, sports, money, family, and grooming. With tips like How to Wear a Hat, How to Jump from a Speeding Car and a Barber Shop Locator, you’ll really earn that moustache – and know how to trim it.

20. Bad-Ass of the Week -

From the obvious (Even Knievel, Clint Eastwood) to the random (This Huge Ass Beetle, the Killer Rabbit) this site lists the most bad-ass men, women, places and things with an often hilarious rant on why they qualify. From real life heros standing against oppression, to religious figures, fictional characters, objects, and psycho killers (Jason Voorhees), this is one bad-ass list - despite not having a Bruce Campbell mention.

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