2 HP Researchers Create Browser-Based Darknet

Paul Lilly

Thanks to Billy Hoffman and Matt Wood, a pair of researchers at Hewlett-Packard who recently created a browser-based darknet , businesses may soon rest easier knowing their confidential information is safe from prying eyes.

For the uninitiated, a darknet consists of an encrypted peer-to-peer network most often used to communicate files between private groups of people. Darknets are often difficult to setup and maintain for the average user, but the HP researchers say that won't be the case for "Veiled," the name they've given to their browser-based darknet project.

"This will really lower the barriers to participation," Wood told ZDNet UK. "If you want to create a darknet, you can send an encrypted email saying, 'Here's the URL.' When (the recipient visits) the website, the browser can just get (the darkent application) going."

Perhaps best of all, Wood said HP isn't interested in turning the project into a commercial product and has no desire to patent or copyright it. Instead, Wood and Hoffman plan to open source their idea (but not the source code), so that other security researchers can "pick up the baton."

Image Credit: nav6.org

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