1TB Platters Will Lead to Much Bigger Hard Drives in 2011

Paul Lilly

We're still waiting for solid state drive (SSD) pricing to fall to pedestrian levels in terms of price-per-gigabyte, but in the meantime, those capacious mechanical hard drives just keep getting bigger.

As the new year rolls around, 1TB platter designs will begin to mature, DigiTimes says . This means you can expect 2.5-inch notebook drives to reach 2TB in capacity, while 3.5-inch desktop drives will scale all the way up to 4TB, and likely beyond.

While the industry tries to sort out booting from large capacity hard drives on the desktop, it's the notebook segment that stands to really benefit from 1TB platters. According to the IDC's figures, some 22 percent of notebooks already sport 500GB hard drives, while 500GB models are expected to account for 35-40 percent of total 2.5-inch shipments in 2011. As the year goes on, look for 640GB, 750GB, and 1TB hard drives to show up in high end laptops, DigiTimes says.

Image Credit: Samsung

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