18-Button OpenOffice Mouse is Now WarMouse Meta

Paul Lilly

Remember the OpenOffice mouse with an insane amount of buttons? The funky peripheral was designed with the help of WarMouse, a UK company who today announced the "18-button freak" will now be known as the WarMouse Meta.

"We were frankly shocked by the overwhelming response to our original announcement of the mouse," said Theodore Beale, Lead Designer at WarMouse, "We sent out three emails and ended up getting three million hits on our website that weekend; no one seemed to believe an 18-button mouse with a joystick could be anything but a joke. But it's real, it's brutal, and it's going to fundamentally change what people expect of their input devices."

The freakish rodent has apparently also been upgraded with a 5600 CPI (counts per inch) laser sensor. It also looks a little different and now sports a black color scheme with gray buttons instead of the white on light-white design previously depicted.

But is it just too much? Beale doesn't think so, who acknowledged that some feel that the Meta is "insane," but says "there are many gamers and power users who want to be able to do more than storke their mouse with two fingers."

The Meta is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, and will retail for $75 in the first quarter of 2010.

Image Credit: WarMouse via Engadget

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