15,000 Facebook Users Accept Girl's Accidental Party Invite

Brad Chacos

The Beastie Boys had to fight for their right to party; we haven't heard any songs about Thessa, a 16 year old girl in Germany, having to engage in fisticuffs to earn her celebratory privileges, but we might next year. What should have been an otherwise pleasant, probably mildly boring 16th birthday party for the girl took a turn for the awesome when she forgot to set her Facebook birthday invitation to private. Next thing you know, 15,000 had RSVP'd.

It's a good thing she didn't by hors d' oeuvres. The New York Daily News reports that 13,500 of the 15,000 people who said they'd be there didn't bother to show up. Oh, wait, neither did Thessa or her family – they ran for the hills before the event, probably when they calculated the cost of 15,000 stuffed mushrooms.

Thessa's disappearance left a crew of 100 police officers to handle the crowd of 1,500 on their own. Despite the crush of people, police report everything went smoothly as party goers politely milled around for their own right to party.

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