15 - 37 = 42

Nathan Edwards

I purchased a 37-inch Westinghouse LVM-37W3SE LCD 1080p HDTV monitor in June 2007. A few months later, I found out that this particular model has faulty firmware that prevents it from working properly with many devices. For example, the Nvidia driver recognizes it as a different model Westinghouse 1080i monitor and refuses to set it in 1080p mode. I contacted customer support and received permission to return it. The monitor was returned in November, and it was received by Westinghouse two days later. I hadn’t heard anything from them until about a month ago, when I finally made a call to find out about the RMA status. (I’ve been out of the country on a business trip.)

I was promised a follow-up by several people, but no one would commit to when the monitor would be sent. They basically asked me to wait until I received my product. It has now been more than seven months, and I believe I have waited long enough! Thank God my trusty 15-inch LCD is still working fine.

—Jeong Lee

The Dog contacted a Westinghouse spokesperson who said the delay is due to the limited availability of parts for the 37-inch panel. “Westinghouse Digital apologizes for the delay and is working to update any delays in its process,” the spokesman said. To compensate Jeong for the lengthy wait, Westinghouse Digital said it would provide him with a new 42-inch 1080p LVM-42W2.

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