130+ Domains Seized By US Authorities

Ryan Whitwam

The crackdown continues on piracy and counterfeit-related domains today with the news that as many as 130 domain names have been seized by US authorities. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are continuing with last year’s “Operation in our sites” with this new, and largest yet, round of seizures.

Unlike last year’s actions, this round seems to have been directed more toward sites that charge for their ill-gotten wares. There were a multitude of counterfeit clothing sites, as well as some that sold pirated software. The authorities have yet to comment on the seizures, but we wouldn't expect this to be the end.

While the DOJ and ICE seems to be forging ahead, there is still a question as to whether domain seizures are legal. Legislation like Protect IP and SOPA are still pending in Congress, but would make specific allowances for this activity. Do you think that US law enforcement is overstepping?

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