100th No BS Podcast Spectacular: Nathan's New PC (The Apologies in Advance Edition)


Welcome to Maximum PC's 100th Podcast Spectacular ! This week, we visit with a ton of old friends, talk about Nathan's new PC, Pallette-Swap Ninja , and listen to a reader question. This week's show features the talents of: Dan Amrich, Kat Auch, Andy Bauman, Norman Chan, Nathan Edwards, Gordon Mah Ung, Will Smith, Captain Spaulding, and Jeremy Williams. Make sure you hang around for the end, we have a very special guest appearance by Veronica Belmont! We sincerely apologize for the wait, but we hope it's been worth it! Enjoy the show!

We also have come into posession of a ton of SteelSeries keyboards and headsets, speaker systems, and even more t-shirts to give away in our weekly Twitter contest. Be sure to sign up for @willsmith 's feed to get in on the action.

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A tale of technological triumph? Just need to get something off your chest? A secret to share? Email us at maximumpcpodcast@gmail.com or call our 24-hour No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337 --operators are standing by.

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