10 Things Verizon Could Have Bought with the Money It Spent on the C Block


Verizon came away with the big prize in the FCC's auction of spectrum that had previously been used by UHF channels. The company spent $4,713,823,000 to win a near-nationwide swath of the C block of the spectrum, which will allow the telecom to build out a 4G network that should allow for near DSL-speed downloads to phones and other mobile devices. How long such a build out will take and what this will mean for consumers remains murky at this early stage in the game. While we applaud Verizon on its winning bid, we can't help but think how the company might have better spent that cash. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

10. 14,141,469,000 Cadbury Eggs

Sure, some might favor chocolate bunnies or marshmallow peeps, but when it comes to Easter candy, nothing beats a Cadbury Egg .

9. 1,885,529,200 Pork Sandwiches from Sonny's Barbecue, Trinity, Alabama

Delicious, and at $2.50 a pop a hell of a bargain.

8. 1 soul now held by associate editor Dave "The Murph" Murphy

In truth, it can be had for much less, and we'll throw in the soul of Butters the (former) Intern as well.

7. 10,872,616.7 shares of Google

Verizon should make buckets of money from this deal in the long run, but this strategy would likely work just as well.

6. 235.6 trips on the Soyuz to the International Space Station

Perhaps the execs at Verizon could get a group rate by traveling along with Richard Garriott .

5. 3,273.4 Bugati Veyrons

...or 1,313,042,618.3 gallons of regular from the Ocean Ave Service Station .

4. 4,761,437,373.7 song downloads from Amazon.

We merely make a suggestion.

3. 18,855,292,000 packages of fun-size M&Ms, or, approximately 3,77,105,840,000 individual candies.

Which would last in the Maximum PC offices for, oh, about 17 minutes.

2. 7,869,487.4 EVGA 01G-P3-N891-AR GeForce 9800 GX2 videocards from Newegg .

1. 315,305,886.2 subscriptions to Maximum PC .

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